Hyperlinking & Navigating


Deliverables & File Navigating

All Medical Legal Spider deliverables are designed with your requirements in mind to provide an easy to use, efficient process for all reviewers of your clients' medical records at any stage of litigation.


Medical Legal Spider provides assignments in PDF format, but can also deliver files in a word processing format to give clients more control over what is shared. Extracted data and common facts may also be reported in spreadsheet format for easiest review.


Each and every organized file and summary comes with an annotated Medical Index. Like every Medical Legal Spider deliverable, Indexing formats are user defined. This may include the categories, sequencing, abbreviations and all information presented.


Like Medical Indexes, Bookmarks are created for all PDF and Word Process deliverables. Used like electronic chapter tabs, Bookmarks help the reviewer easily navigate around smaller medical records or those with a limited number of providers and/or encounters.


Hyperlinks embedded into the Medical Index, Narrative Summary or Spreadsheet provides instant navigation of the file. Time is saved, reviewers can readily identify all important clinical information and future recall or reference is greatly enhanced. The result is that the entire review experience is improved.

With Medical Legal Spider's systematically organized electronic medical record in hand, any reviewer can efficiently navigate through the source documents to effectively evaluate even the largest most complex medical record…saving the firm time and money.