Welcome to Medical Legal Spider

I'm Rick Litzky for Medical Legal Spider, here with our first short video. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Medical Legal Spider.

Medical Records Summary

Medical Legal Spider takes raw, unorganized medical records and gives you an easy to use.

Client Testimonial

Save review time and staff frustration with Medical Legal Spider's Factual Summaries.

Give Yourself, Your Practice & Your Firm a Competitive Advantage

There is simply no excuse for not knowing every detail contained in your clients' medical records & sometimes, you'll have "Eureka" moments.

Always Using the Panic Button or Getting Ready for Success!

Do you always seem to scramble to make sense of the records supporting your case?

Types of Cases MLS Helps with

Literally, any type with medical records, provider billing formats and other case related documentation and list types.

Why Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Medical Legal Spider is a growing litigation support firm at the intersection of document review specialists & technology for efficient.

Unshackle Your Practice & Watch It Thrive

We want you to do more, be more nimble, reducing commitments to fixed infrastructure & overhead.

Experience & Expertise

MLS has provided medical-legal support since 2007. MLS team members are trained in all manner of medical document recognition.

Transferring Files, Confidentiality & Security (HIPAA)

Medical Legal Spider is serious about data and medical record security to protect the confidentiality of all private information entrusted to us.

Organizing Files & Medical Indexing

Here's where we remove duplicates, other patients' records, fax covers, blank pages and all defined excludable pages.

Medical Summaries

Medical Summaries: factual, narrative, SOAP, custom. Well, that's it for another 90 second video and thanks for watching.

Summaries of Medical Expenses

Save review time with Medical Legal Spider's fact based Chronologies and Summaries. Assign in-house staff to more critical litigation support tasks.

Identification of Missing & Incomplete Records

Be better prepared and get better results for your clients by having all of the salient medical records in hand.

The Power of Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks embedded into the Medical Index, Narrative Summary or Spreadsheet provides instant navigation of the file.

Bring Focus with Keyword Highlighting

Bring Focus with Keyword Highlighting. Well, that's it for another 90 second video and thanks for watching.

ViZi360 for Mapping All Medical Events

ViZi360 for mapping all medical events in your case across an interactive timeline, which you can manipulate, print or share.

Perfecting the File

Use our tools to solve complex medical record analysis. Consider these extra steps: Adding column to Medical Summary to present applicable billing info.

Special Services

Record Coding, Social Media Summaries, Mass Tort Screening Spreadsheets, Redacting Private Information.

Fee Transparency & Predictability, Expensible to Case Files

Billing model & budget certainty, pre-authorization. Well, that's it for another 90 second video and thanks for watching.

The Pitch-Challenge

Unless you want to: win more cases, make more money, reduce workflow bottlenecks, minimize overhead, etc.

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