Identifying Records


Identifying Missing Medical Records

Ensure Complete Medical Records for Better Client Outcomes
Be better prepared and achieve superior results for your clients by ensuring you have all necessary medical records in your possession.

Identifying Records

Medical Legal Spider offers a valuable service by helping you identify relevant medical providers and ensuring their records are obtained. Our experienced medical document reviewers excel at quickly and accurately identifying all medical providers mentioned in a file, including non-authoring physicians. This process eliminates tedious and time-consuming tasks, ensuring you have a validated list of corresponding notes and records for reconciliation and supplemental record retrieval requests.

In today's landscape, where the "note bloat" from disparate Electronic Health Records can be overwhelming, our expertise is invaluable. We navigate through the complex web of medical documentation to capture the critical evidence you need for your case, making sure nothing is missed.

Partner with Medical Legal Spider to perfect your medical records and enhance your case preparation.

Scenarios Where Medical Legal Spider Excels at Identifying Missing Records

Imagine being able to quickly and reliably identify who is missing what with our specialized services. Here are three scenarios where Medical Legal Spider makes a significant difference:

Detailed Screening for Missing & Incomplete Records

Scenario: Run a comprehensive screen to identify missing and incomplete records or mentions of non-authoring physicians.

Solution: You decide what's important, and we'll add supplemental records as needed, ensuring your file is complete and up-to-date.

Matching Medical Records with Provider Bills

Scenario: Match medical records with applicable provider bills to find gaps in documentation.

Solution: A simple yet powerful visual comparison is presented all in one place, highlighting missing documents and ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Comparing & Validating Non-Party Medical Records

Scenario: Compare and validate non-party medical records with the files in your possession.

Solution: Medical Legal Spider will identify and visualize who is missing what, then update your master file with the newly found records, providing a complete and accurate documentation set.

By utilizing these services, you can streamline your process, ensure thoroughness, and achieve better outcomes for your clients.