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Why Medical Legal Spider

Your firm will:

  • Increase full knowledge of all salient medical aspects of your case.

  • Have a complete and easy to access reference to all relevant medical events for settlement analysis, expert review, deposition, mediation and trial.

  • Reduce your review time and free up skilled staff for more important tasks.

  • Lower your cost by as much as 40%, while shifting overhead to a billable file expense. Plus, you will know your medical record preparation costs in advance and stay fee competitive.

  • Improve screening for merit, identify problem cases earlier and more accurately determine settlement values.

  • Transfer confidential files safely and securely with Medical Legal Spider's private File Transfer System or commercial "cloud" based file sharing platform.

You know the law... we know how to deliver perfectly organized and summarized medical records!

Medical Legal Spider lets you focus on the critical aspects of your case, confident that you know exactly what is and is not in the medical record. Our experienced medical-legal litigation support teams take on the manual tasks of processing medical records, efficiently delivering Medical Indexes, Chronologies, Categorized Files and Summaries, all prepared in accord with your proven formats and case specific special instructions. Our clients save hundreds to thousands of dollars on large complex medical records, which are often a central part of their cases. When your case depends on a well organized, easy to navigate medical record, Medical Legal Spider casts a web over your file. We'll sort all relevant documents, sift through huge amounts of information and extract the crucial provider notes and clinical data. Hyperlinks, like electronic strands of a spider web, are left behind for instant file navigation.